Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Arizona Balloon Classic – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When do the hot air balloons actually fly?PEAK FLYING/GLOWING TIMES – Early in the morning, just when the sun is up. The Hare & Hound race is around 7:45am on Saturday & Sunday mornings. Afternoon flights happen around 4pm determined by the weather. Hot air balloons DO NOT FLY in the middle of a breezy Arizona winter day (between the hours of 10am – 4pm NO BALLOON ACTIVITY).
  • Can you buy a hot air balloon ride at the Arizona Balloon Classic site? Absolutely, go to the Aerogelic Ballooning tent and purchase a ride for $195 per person. Purchase ahead of time by visiting the link: YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THE EXPERIENCE!!!
  • What about a tethered hot air balloon ride? Yep, a tethered hot air balloon ride is a hot air balloon tied down and only goes up to 75’. You can purchase a tethered hot air balloon ride at the ABC7 event site for $20 per person – adults and kids 12 and under.
  • So, what’s a hot air balloon “Glow”? Well, hot air balloons generally DO NOT FLY at night. So, hot air balloons STATIC display on the ground around sunset and called a “Glow”. It’s the coolest thing you’ll ever see. Giant hot air balloons lit up at night to music. You can walk around the hot air balloons and visit with the pilot and crew. The Arizona Balloon Classic “Glows” are on Friday & Saturday nights and start around 6pm (sunset).
  • What should I bring to the Arizona Balloon Classic? Bring a camera. Practice your photography. We’ll be having contests for the best hot air balloon pix!
  • Who’s the Arizona Balloon Classic Charity this year? The HOME Foundation is our charity for the 2018 Arizona Balloon Classic. The HOME Foundation – is a non-profit organization engaged in a mission to enhance the quality of life for seniors in our communities through caring service, fulfilling essential needs, and providing education to caregivers.
  • What should I wear? Dress warm and in layers. It’s cold in the morning, but heats up as the sun comes up. It’s just the opposite during the “Glow”. Bring warm clothes. When the sun goes down, it gets cold.
  • Can I bring lawn chairs and blankets? Absolutely… Make yourself at home, get comfortable and stay awhile.
  • What about food and drinks? No food or drinks can be brought into the Arizona Balloon Classic. We’ll have some of the best local & regional festival foods at the Arizona Balloon Classic by introducing the Inaugural Street FoodFest. Come prepared to enjoy good cooking – from breakfast to lunch and dinner. HAVE DINNER WITH THE FAMILY AT THE ARIZONA BALLOON CLASSIC!!!
  • How does parking work? There is parking at the event and its $5. Get your “Fast Dash Pass” when you buy your tickets on the ABC7 website and avoid paying for parking at the event. ACE will direct you right to a parking space. ACE Parking staff will manage of all the parking. Saturday night though (1/27), parking gets full very fast. Stay all day or get to the Saturday night “Glow” by or around 4pm. GET TO THE SATURDAY NIGHT “GLOW” EARLY!!!
  • What if there is bad weather? This is a “Rain or Shine” event. All ballooning events are dependent on the weather. Wind could affect the ballooning events as well. In the case of bad weather, you’ll be able to use your ticket for the next ballooning event the same weekend. There are no refunds.
  • Can I re-enter the event? There will be a re-entry wristband offered for FREE after the Saturday morning races to the Saturday night “Glow” events.
  • How can I get a ticket? Discount tickets are available NOW by going to the site until Wednesday, January 24th, 2018. It’s a GREAT DEAL!!! Tickets at the ABC7 Box Office are $15 per person, $7 for Seniors and Kids 12 and under & Active Military are always FREE!!! Group tickets of 10 or more are $10. NOTE: Parking is $5 and managed by ACE Parking. Buy your parking on line when you buy your event tickets.
  • Can I buy Arizona Balloon Classic Merchandise? Yep!!! This year were teaming up with Fine Design and they are selling all our merchandise prior to and at the Arizona Balloon Classic. Go to to order your Arizona Balloon Classic merchandise. Or, buy your custom made Arizona Balloon Classic merchandise at the event.
  • Is the Arizona Balloon Classic Handicap Accessible? Yes, there is handicap parking up close to the gate and the Arizona Balloon Classic event site is handicap accessible as well with both grass and blacktop surfaces.
  • Want FREE access into the Arizona Balloon Classic? Sign up to volunteer at this link:
  • Retail vending space still available. Send us contact info to
  • What’s the best way to ask additional questions? Send us additional questions to Send questions to the Arizona Balloon Classic social media links as well on Face book, Twitter or Instagram.