Overview of the Annual Arizona Balloon Classic

PEAK FLYING/GLOWING TIMES – Early in the morning, just when the sun is up. Hot air balloons DO NOT FLY in the middle of the day. Glows begin after the sun sets below the horizon. During the Classic, usually around 7:30 PM.

What if there is bad weather?

This is a “Wind, Rain or Shine” event. All ballooning events are dependent on the weather. Wind could affect the ballooning events as well. In the case of bad weather, you’ll be able to use your ticket for the next ballooning event the same weekend. There are no refunds.

Can you buy a hot air balloon ride at the Arizona Balloon Classic site?

Yes! Rides will be available for purchase at the event!

What about a tethered hot air balloon ride?

Yep, a tethered hot air balloon ride is a hot air balloon tied down and only goes up to 75’. You can purchase a tethered hot air balloon ride at the event site.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the event.

So, what’s a hot air balloon “Glow”?

Well, hot air balloons generally DO NOT FLY at night. So, hot air balloons STATIC display on the ground around sunset and called a “Glow”. It’s the coolest thing you’ll ever see. Giant hot air balloons lit up at night to music. You can walk around the hot air balloons and visit with the pilot and crew.

What should I bring to the Arizona Balloon Classic?

Bring a camera. Practice your photography. Lawn chairs, Sunscreen, sun umbrellas, a hat, blankets and/or a pop-up tent for shade. Make yourself at home, get comfortable and stay awhile.

What about food and drinks?

No food or drinks can be brought into the Arizona Balloon Classic. “The Street FoodFest” is a culinary experience including “Beer Tents”, live music stage and more. Come hungry!

How can I get a ticket?

Get all ticketing info from our ticketing page.

Can I re-enter the event?

There will be a re-entry stamp offered for FREE after the Saturday morning races to the Saturday night “Glow” events. However, General Admission tickets will only let you in for one day (either Friday or Saturday).

How does parking work?

There is parking at the event and its $10. ACE Parking will direct you right to a parking space. ACE Parking staff will manage of all the parking.

Is the Arizona Balloon Classic Handicap Accessible?

Yes, there is handicap parking up close to the gate and the Arizona Balloon Classic event site is handicap accessible as well with both grass and blacktop surfaces.

Who is the Arizona Balloon Classic's Charity this year?

Valley of the Sun United Way is our charity for this year’s Arizona Balloon Classic. Their mission is to break the cycle of poverty for Valley families. “We fight to end hunger in the classroom, to end homelessness, and to put a stop to financial instability.” A portion of ticket sales will go directly back to Valley of the Sun United Way programs. Join the fight, visit vsuw.org.

Can I volunteer for the event?

We would love your help!  Please check out our Volunteer page for all the details.

How can I contact AEG?

You can contact us through our website: azeventsgroup.com/contact-us